Sunday, December 9, 2007

The error in tERRORism

The error in terrorism

The error in terror is fast becoming the dominant paradigm.
As the war continues we are gradually realizing that Bush administration's war is a war of ERROR.
But Australia’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan makes it just as erroneous. In fact we are complicit in the deaths of millions of Iraqis and thousands of Afghanis. The AWB scandal is just one example of the corruption and cruel undertaking the Australian government has committed our nation to.

The War of Error started shortly after the attacks on the WTC buildings and the subsequent deaths of thousands of US citizens. In hindsight we may see that taking revenge against Afghanistan as a foolish step towards making the world more unsafe and unstable and then the invasion of Iraq totally tipped the scales and has made the region more volatile and unpredictable than ever in the modern period of Middle Eastern history.

But where are we heading with this dangerous alliance with the US? The Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd’s first action as head of the nation was to call George W Bush and reassure him that we were still on the same team. The coalition of the killing. This is where leaders of this nation falter, not able to look outside of our dependence on the US and take a courageous leap forward away from the protective wings of the US eagle, like our Kiwi cousins next door. It is interesting to note that Australia is listed as the 19th most peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index, but more interesting is that New Zealand is rated the 2nd most peaceful country in the world. How can two countries be so far apart when it comes to peace yet are so close historically and demographically?

Our lack of individuality will be the stumbling block for decades to come unless someone or some party makes a decision.
For now the war of error has continued to confound the average Aussie Joe Blow who does not believe the lies that our governments feed us with, such as an impending terrorist attack in Australia, the demonized refugees and the firebrand imams and the threat from the north. The new world order has seen a world dominated by uncertainty and fear.

Since the declaration by the US president of his war on terror, we have seen bomb attacks in peaceful cities like Madrid, Istanbul, Indonesia, London and foiled attempts in Berlin. Where will the next attack take place? Is the world safer under a US hegemony?

The errors have not ceased, we have had accidental bombings of wedding parties and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. And even our own soldiers have been coming home in coffins, now three in the past two years. How many more Australian soldiers have to die for a US war for oil?

And finally, what about the poor innocence of Iraq. The deprivation of rights, the extreme poverty and the terrifying life that almost every Iraqi faces on a daily basis, bombings and shootings, no prospects of work or education the average Iraqi Ali Hussain has nothing to look forward to. This is a great injustice.

The war of error is the greatest tragedy of this century and unless sanity prevails we will spiral further into anarchy and bedlam. We are seeing more tough talk on Iran and the very high possibility of a strike on its nuclear capabilities. This will not only create more civilian casualties it could even spillover to neighbouring Israel. There has been some significant political changes in the world in the past three years, with the end of Blair, Howard now history and only a year away from the end of a republican dominated USA, this could be the catalyst for change towards reduction of armed conflicts and interventions in other countries.

God Bless America.

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