Friday, September 19, 2008

SHAME ALERT: Irfan Yusuf

Some of you may not know Irfan Yusuf but he is a fellow blogger who tends to attack Muslims who are trying to do good in the community. Why, only God knows his motives, however, I suspect its because of his on inadequacies and inability to do the things that others are achieving.

Recently, he attacked me of double standards after the council elections of which I stood as a Greens candidate. I was unhappy about the mosque allowing another candidate to make an announcement about his candidacy. This was an unfair use of a mosque which is a community asset. However, Irfan has twisted the story to make it sound like I am sore at losing and having a go at the mosque and even making up conspiracy theories.

It is quite sad that the master of manipulation Irfan Yusuf has tried to paint a picture of a conspiracy regarding the council elections.

He counters this fear by writing and putting others down. His smugness comes from the knowledge that he can get away with it. Over the years he has discovered that he can write stuff about people and get some mileage out of it. He even gets paid for it too. What a rort.

If you really look into his writings they are usually a cut and pace job of a few emails and sometimes something grabbed off the net. Rarely have I ever read anything by him with substance or accuracy. The other aspect of his writings is that usually its done at the expense of another person (usually someone that is doing well or trying to do good). One of the first rules of writing should be that your motives are not to degrade or slander another person for self-satisfaction.
If you were to take ten articles at random of Irfan's you will find that half of them are self-gratuitous and self-indulgent rantings of an unstable man, a loose cannon.

I find it incredulous that he gets away with all these various rants that he passes off as "articles".

Irfan's art is to take someone's lines out of context and construct an viewpoint that ridicules his targets. He peppers it with his own brand of "humour" and passes it off light-heartedly to make the whole issue sound like a joke and make himself sound like he's the good guy informing us of this terrible thing that we in the community MUST know about.

It's time that Mr Yusuf take another 2 year sabbatical and go back to having a relaxed beer with his mates at the pub watching the cricket. That way nobody gets hurt by his slanderous tongue.

The elections are over, it was a dirty campaign, but we have got to move on. I am over it and looking forward to pursuing my creative art of film making.
Irfan should not write about something he has absolutely no idea about. He has a duty of care as a person in a position of power and he will be answerable to the back-biting and many of the allegations that he has made wrongly and unfairly.

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