Monday, October 13, 2008

Aussie Mossie Review: Get a copy

This Gregorian year is already coming towards the end, which is good because that means summer but where did the year go? Keep in mind, Islamicly iwe just ended the holy month of Ramadhan and for Muslims this is regarded as the pinnacle of the Islamic year. With all this hive of activism, we at FAIR have not stopped doing what we do best and that is improve our way of life, particularly with regards to improving relations between Muslims and the broader society.

However, this year has been another very busy year for Muslims. We have been in the midst of a creative project called ARTSLAM 21, a youth project which involved calligraphy classes, hip hop workshops, comedy workshops and poetry workshops (see page ) and all of this culminated in a wonderful showcase of all the work, with fabulous speeches and performances, it was a great day (at the Museum of Sydney). Also this year we started a new program called Faithways- peace walks, our first walk was between Auburn Gallipoli Mosque and Lidcombe St Joachim’s Catholic Church, which was a great way to break down barriers between people in the local area.

Aussie Mossie Review is an exciting new resource for the Muslim ummah and will hopefully be a great way to express different issues and ideas in the community. The newspaper will come out four times a year and cover a retrospective analysis of the year’s big issues and all the little issues that we don’t hear about. Aussie Mossie urges you to take part and write your own articles.

Personally, I just returned from Malaysia where I conducted a two day youth camp for Muslim youth. This was a very successful camp, focusing on character building, youth and identity issues, ahlaq and adhab, conflict resolution and assertiveness and leadership training. I was also in Jogjakarta (Indonesia) where I was organizing a big conference on leadership aimed at youth in Australia and Indonesia (stay tuned for more on that soon). And only a couple of months ago I ran a four day youth camp near Darwin in the top end, where we re-enacted the Hegira with the young boys. Once again this was designed to promote team building, self-confidence and leadership.

To read your favourite news publication (Aussie Mossie Quarterly Review) contact me by emailing and checkout the website (

Have a read and reflect on this year, on the stories like the Islamic school application in Camden which most of you know was rejected by Camden council (unanimously), or the demise of AFIC, Aussie Mossie will also be running the new Aussie Mossie of the year awards night, which will be unlike anything we have seen before. A nationwide search for the most popular Aussie Mossie around.

This is your paper and hopefully it will become a source of achievement for our ummah and bring us closer together in making our society more harmonious and more successful.

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