Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are we really together for humanity?

There are some people out there in Australia, purporting to be well-meaning Muslims, Jews and Christians (Monotheists), who think that we need to tell others that we as people of the BOOK can work together for making humanity a better place. They call themselves, together for humanity.

I think its rather patronising to say the least. The world is a messed up place, we all agree and we definitely need to do something about it. However, there are two things that are problematic with this monotheistic approach; what about those people in the world who are not either Muslim, Christian or a Jew? So, we all can get along, we love each other, we adore each other, hugs all round (except the Buddhists, the Hindus, Sikhs and the smelly atheists plus all the other sects and cults out there that make up a few hundred thousand people). We are excluding at least a billion in China and almost a billion in India and if we take in SE Asia, parts of Africa and I dare say most of western Europe which these days is considered as Atheistic, we are looking at least 2.5 billion or more! But it seems according to these Monotheists that the problems of this world are only important if they involve themselves and that they are the only ones who can solve them. And how do they purport to do that? Well, visit school children, who are most vulnerable to be brainwashed, and tell them that we stand united against all the evils of the world and that we want you to join us in doing an act of kindness.

Now this sounds very noble indeed, and what's wrong with doing an act of kindness?
Well, one needs to understand (Hasidic) Jewish teachings to follow the premise of this whole endeavour. According to the teachings of the great Rebbi, the world will not come to an end until ALL of humanity begins doing acts of kindness and then, the world will end and at that point only the Jews will go to Heaven, because they are the chosen race. Hasidim claims evil can be overcome by correcting it. Dov Ber of Mezhirich and other Hasidic teachers insisted evil could be overcome by absorbing it uplifting it and making it again part of goodness, believing that the spiritual stature of "corrected" or "repentant" evil is higher than the elements that were always good. So these Muslims and Christians, are sort of being used to get to the greater goal.

I only feel sorry for the rest of the world because they dont even believe in the "book". So what is their fate? Muslims believe in the Quran. Christians believe in the New Testament. Jews believe in the Old Testament. But ironically Muslims reject these books and it is very clear in the Quran that to work with these two faith groups is very bad indeed, very bad! The Quran, that is Allah, cautions Muslims to be wary of Christians and Jews.

So what is each faith's agenda, in being involved in this school by school brain-washing program? Well, I can only guess that Christians as the dominant group in Australia just want everybody to get a long and they are happy to see the three religions on the surface working together, and of course, they want Muslims to accept the state of Israel and to accept the ongoing persecution of the Palestinians and the eventual annihilation of the whole country once known as Palestine. They will no doubt be referred to as the Aborigines of Israel in years to come. Terra Nullius in Palestine. In fact, a whole generation of children will grow up exposed to these school visits telling them that Muslims are happy and that there is no oppression and exploitation and that there is no such thing as Palestine. When they get older, they will watch the news on TV and the media will report Palestinian insurgents attacked a Jewish settlement in Israel and the PM will condemn the attacks and so they will just assume that the nasty Palestinian Muslims are attacking the nice friendly Israelis.

Secondly, the Muslims have their own agenda, but its pathetic; with all the government funding out there they want to be seen as being socially inclusive and raise their status and jump on the band wagon of inter-cultural relations...all very PC. Do they realise that their efforts, ie, making the whole world turn to doing kindness invariably will send their Jewish friends to Heaven (metaphorically speaking)? And as the Quranic verse warns, implicate themselves!
"O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." Qur'an (5:51)

But just one other point. There are over a billion Christians in the world. There are over 1 billion Muslims in the world. How many Jews are there in the world?
Incredibly only 12 million. So once again 12 million Jews are getting the bulk of the world to do all the work, and ultimately in their own favour. Are not we so predictable?
Please. O ye, Muslims, think! Listen to thy Lord, who warns us that we should not be so stupid and gullible. Why do we then allow others to use us when it is written in plain sight, in our own Book, which is the virtuous book, the true word of Allah.
Think, O ye believers!

Well what is my alternative proposal then you ask? I am glad you asked.
I am not advocating that we begin killing each other or we stand back with hate in our eyes. My proposal is that we are honest and we are open about our agendas. We need to be inclusive too. Instead of talking we need to be walking. That is, programs to feed the poor, to educate illiterate communities or the victims of society, drug addicts, homeless, victims of bullying and racism and people who are denied justice.
And we dont need to do it in the name of religion or just three religions. We need it to be done truly in the name of HUMANITY.

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